W. Keith Sutton, Psy.D.


Therapy for
    Individual Adults
    Psychological Assessment

Everyone needs a little help in life every now and then.  In my practice, I work collaboratively with teens, families, couples, and individuals to help identify and solve problems that get in the way of achieving life goals.  I provide brief, solution-focused therapy as well as long-term therapy, depending on the issues and circumstances.  I use evidence based treatments that have a track record for success.        

I am a direct and compassionate therapist, and use my sense of humor when helping people make changes in their lives.  My clients and I work as a team, and we often include family members, friends, coworkers, and other community members as resources in our work.  We can work together to help you get back on track to accomplishing your goals. 

I have office locations in San Rafael and San Francisco.
I also offer phone and web therapy for those who can't come into the office. 

For more information,
please call (415) 686-9544
or email drkeith@drkeithsutton.com